White Chocolate Snowflake Candy
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24 chocolate snowflakes
Step your classic cupcakes up a notch with edible white chocolate snowflakes! These are great atop holiday cakes or cupcakes, or solo as chocolate winter candies.
What to get:
  • 2, 12-oz bags of white chocolate melts (can get at specialty cooking store)
  • gel-based food coloring, appropriate for white chocolate (blue)
  • white crystal sugar sprinkles
  • a silicon snowflake mold
  • cooking spray to grease mold
  • wax paper to work on
  • piping bag and size 3 and 5 tips.
What to do:
  1. Lightly grease the snowflake (or other shaped mold), with a little cooking spray and a paper towel to evenly spread into mold's intricate corners, etc.
  2. Assemble a piping tip, coupler and plastic, disposable piping bag together (Used a size 5 tip for this part).
  3. In microwave-safe glass bowl, melt `3/4 bag of chocolate melts according to package directions (you will have to reduce power on your microwave & stir in 30 second increments).
  4. Alternatively, you can heat some melts in the plastic piping bag and then after melted, cut a small opening at tip to directly pipe into molds.
  5. Right when melted, spoon a good amount of the melted white chocolate into piping bag and pipe into mold, filling only ⅓ of the way (to make them thinner).
  6. Wipe any drizzles on top of mold, and if white chocolate hardens too much during piping you can remove metal tip and re-heat on low directly in plastic bag.
  7. Let mold set on counter for couple of hours until chocolate is completely solid, and if it is not setting fast enough, you can transfer to fridge.
  8. Once set, carefully remove each chocolate snowflake from mold and place on wax paper on counter, arrange with smooth top side-up, for piping details.
  9. Similarly to above melting step, place half a bag of chocolate melts into microwave-safe bowl and melt according to instructions. Once melted add 1-2 drops of GEL-BASED blue food coloring, to give the slightest hint of light blue color.
  10. Spoon light blue melted chocolate into assembled piping bag with a smaller number 3 or 4 tip.
  11. Pipe lines over each arm of snowflake in an asterisk style, finishing with smaller accent lines.
  12. Sprinkle each snowflake with the crystal sugar sprinkles as you go, whiles still wet.
  13. Let dry for an hour or until set completely.
  14. Now they are ready to decorate with or eat!
These are easy to make in the pre-formed silicon mold. Make sure when using white chocolate melts or morsels, that you heat slowly and according to package directions, also regular food coloring will not work with white chocolate and will seize your mixture. Use a gel-based food coloring made for candy, such as Wilton's brand for white chocolate.
Recipe by the dinnervine at http://www.dinnervine.com/2012/12/white-chocolate-snowflake-candy/