tacos camarones (shrimp tacos)
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 lb of shrimp is enough for about 8 small tacos
Light & healthier, So-Cal style, tacos de camerones (Shrimp tacos)! We use fresh lime & a jalapeño & yogurt-based slaw mix. We’re simply sautéing shrimp with a marinade & making a quick cabbage slaw. Perfect on a hot day, lunch or dinner!
What to get:
  • ¾ -1 lb fresh shrimp (peeled, de-veined on both sides).
  • 1 cup fresh green cabbage, finely shredded (I bought mine pre-shredded).
  • 1 cup red cabbage, finely shredded (I bought pre-shredded).
  • 8 oz bag Mexican Cheese Blend, shredded (we’ll use ~1T/ taco).
  • 2 limes, quartered.
  • 1 cup Jalapeño yogurt dip, Skotidakis brand (I get at Cost-co, If unavailable: mix 8-oz plain Greek yogurt, whisk with paprika, little cayenne pepper, lime juice & chopped jalapeño, and 1 tsp prepared salsa).
  • fresh salsa (or pico de gallo, from refrigerated section at store, I use medium heat).
  • 1 package white corn tortillas (small size).
  • 1T Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), for marinating shrimp.
  • Sea salt, to taste.
  • Ground black pepper, to taste.
  • *Chopped cilantro, for topping (optional).
  • *Sour cream, for topping (optional).
What to do:
Marinate & Cook Shrimp:
  1. Rinse, peel & devein fresh shrimp (You'll want to remove both inside & outside veins).
  2. Place shrimp into small bowl (assuming ~1lb), add 1T EVOO, juice from ½ lime, & ~1-2T fresh, prepared salsa.
  3. Mix shrimp in marinade & let sit for ~15 mins.
  4. Add shrimp & marinade juices to a slightly pre-heated skillet, and cook on medium-low, until shrimp turn pink (avoid overcooking), these shrimp were fairly small (cooked in ~5 mins).
Make Lime Slaw:
  1. In another mixing bowl combine ~1/2 cup of both red & green shredded cabbage, juice of ½ lime, ~2T of jalapeño yogurt sauce, S&P to taste, and 1T fresh salsa (This qty makes slaw for several tacos, but make more slaw for larger amount).
  2. Toss slaw mis well. and set aside to chill in refrigerator until you’re ready to assemble tacos.
Assemble Tacos!:
  1. Slightly heat white corn tortillas in skillet on stove.
  2. Plate tortillas, then add desired amount of Mexican Cheese Blend (~1 oz +/taco)..
  3. Next add desired amount of cooked shrimp, fresh salsa (or pico de gallo).
  4. Top with prepared slaw mix (about 2 oz), and add sour cream & chopped cilantro as desired!
The shrimp cook really fast on the stove, so be careful to only cook them on low heat until they firm-up slightly & turn pink (overcooked shrimp are rubbery). If you can't find a pre-made Jalapeño Greek Yogurt dip (I got at Cost-co), you can whisk a simple one together with plain Greek yogurt (instructions above in 'What to Get’). Shrimp can be marinated and cooked ahead, if stored in refrigerator, to make tacos the following day.
Recipe by the dinnervine at http://www.dinnervine.com/2012/04/mi-camaron-es-su-camaron/