Cooking resources I love

Whenever I experience a wave of culinary: doubt, OCD, starvation, stagnation, boredom, or blankness; I find my muse in some of the following resources/sites for the cooking-inclined:

A worthy subscription, full of great recipes. Some of my favs are adapted from ones I’ve seen here.

Food & Wine Magazine is also a worthy subscription, you’ll want to try a new wine with the first issue, guaranteed!

From the best TV cooking shows to free recipes, this is the spot.


Cookware & Cooking School

In Pacific Beach. Dangerous & awesome; remember your CC for this one!


Bacon, butter, what’s not to love? Always nice to get back to my Southern roots.


Urban Solace Restaurant in San Diego is one of my favorites. Flawless every time.


She’s spot on! And who wouldn’t love to know how to make the perfect cake and tablescape?


Science + cooking = right up my alley!


Smaller San Diego winery. I am a proud Cellar Club member! Bold reds? Yes please! They are wonderful…


A baker’s unit conversion calculator is always handy and who knows, what if you need to make your bundt cake in Poland?

…and more to come…

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