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Sunday finds us gearing-up for the big game and big eats. From chili to queso and chips galore, there seems to never be a shortage of finger-foods to indulge in. However, I like to make a healthier version of a classic dip… well, really so I can  justify eating it for three hours straight… Hot Artichoke…

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. . . with a globe artichoke & fresh garlic, now that sounds like a good night! My very first post a couple of years ago was to highlight fresh artichokes and my recipe for steaming them. It has been a long time since, so I felt the chokes deserved a comeback. Not to mention they…

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So, you’re making dinner and find yourself peeling & chopping garlic again this week. Maybe to add to pasta, a marinade, or maybe you have an aversion to the possibility of vampires—whatever the case may be—if you’re anything like me, you use garlic frequently.  With all of this chopping, mincing, roasting, mashing—what does garlic really bring to our dinner tables? It…

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Thank you for visiting the dinnervine! In the words of Julia Child, "People who love to eat, are always the best people," and I couldn't agree more. I hope you enjoy these dishes as much as I did making them. Here's to creating new recipes and memories with friends & family, cheers! 

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