In the 90’s

This is true for both the temperature during this heatwave, and wine rating for a brilliant rosé I stumbled upon… 90+ Cellars, Lot 33 2011 Rosé from Languedoc is exactly as I hoped, a true French-style dry rosé, with notes of fresh strawberry and hints of provencal herbs. It’s no box of white Zin folks! With a sip I felt like I could be back in France savoring some of the best rosé wines I’ve ever had…. not to mention some good cheese to go along with! Luckily this bottle didn’t cost me an expensive plane ticket, just a walk to my local store. I was surprised to find this one discounted and was hesitant at first glance, since I find most chain grocery rosés are usually too sweet. 

I noticed the labeling and it was a done deal! Here’s more from their website:

“This is a real deal Rosé, not that sweet pink stuff. Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvedre are hand harvested from several vineyards planted on windswept slopes along the foothills of the Cevennes, and then fermented and aged in tanks for seven months. Perfect for picnics and other outdoor festivities…It’s the ideal choice for washing down prosciutto and roasted red pepper sandwiches, nicoise salad, or crispy fried chicken.”

I don’t know about you, but they had me at prosciutto! I had a nice glass of this chilled with my light, marinated tomato salad and a baguette – it was perfect.

So, who is 90+ Cellars? Well, as it turns out they are a group of fine folks who work to discover, bottle, label & deliver fine wines of many varietals. As they best tell it themselves: “We partner with highly respected wineries around the globe to provide you with wine that will keep more dollars in your pocket and impress the pants off your friends.” Well now, I like the sound of that!

90+ Cellars is one of the first wine features on the dinnervine, which doesn’t focus on the producing winery, but rather a private labeller who purchases surplus wines directly from the vineyards who make them, all over the world. This in turn allows us wine lovers to try new wines we may not otherwise have access too, but at very affordable prices. How can you not appreciate that? They offer a long list of hand-selected wines & even staff picks, which are now part of the 90+ Cellars line-up. Their website lists these, and allows you to search for them at your local retailer. Looks like we have more to taste in the near future.

Most of the wines dinnervine has been featuring recently are on the lighter side due to it being summer, though they’re not lacking any complexity. I do love rich reds of many varieties, and I’ll be highlighting those in the fall and winter months to come. Until then, I am ever impressed by some recent new finds, branching out from my standard vineyards. 90+ Cellars I came across by accident, but am glad I did.  You never know unless you try, so I recommend grabbing a bottle you’ve never heard of and seeing what happens! 

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