Star Spangled (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2, of our original 4th-of-July post!

Here is the original post for: Patriotic Potato Salad, and here is our recipe and tutorial for dipping our berries!

On this occasion we’re doing a traditional chocolate dipped, but using white chocolate and a little blue-bedazzling. All we need to do are get some berries, and gently melt the white chocolate, and voila! (Don’t over-heat these, or you’ll be having patriotic cement for your gathering—I already did that a couple of times). Good thing there are libations. If the melting ends victoriously, then these beauts make for a great post BBQ dessert. They say 5-7 servings of fruit a day, so here you go; now you can cross one off your list:

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Red White & Blue Dipped Strawberries
Festively patriotic are these red, white & blue dipped berries! Make a batch for your Independence Day celebration, or all summer long for a no-bake dessert!
Serves: ~15+ dipped strawberries (depending on size)
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
What to get:
  • 2 small packages fresh strawberries (ripe, washed & dry) ~15 large berries
  • 2 (11-oz) packages white chocolate chips or melting chocolate (extra bag okay if berries are bigger)
  • blue gel-based food coloring (specifically for use in candy & melting chocolates)
  • Blue crystal sprinkles (optional)
  • *wax paper (for drying dipped berries, can use foil alternatively)
What to do:
  1. Rinse & air dry strawberries completely (or chocolate won’t stick!) leaving the green tops.
  2. On stove in a double-boiler (or using a small pot & heat safe bowl) bring water to a gentle boil & SLOWLY melt white chocolate morsels in top pot/bowl until glossy & smooth (stirring frequently & AVOID over-heating so chocolate doesn’t scorch & seize).
  3. Remove upper pot from heat & immediately dip berries ¾ way up, still leaving a visible red band of berry below stem (to dip, carefully hold berry stems and wiggle down into pot of melted chocolate, careful pulling berry out to avoid breaking stems, can use help of a spoon to cover berry sides while dipping).
  4. Lay dipped berries to dry on wax paper, on flat counter space (~10 mins).
Color blue band on end of berries (2 ways):
  1. One, use regular food coloring (or gel based for candy) when dipped berries are almost dry on wax paper, carefully remove and take a paper towel with a few drops of blue food coloring, carefully apply by lightly rubbing over the bottom tip of berry, then allow to again air dry (gives a more painted look).
  2. Second method is to dip end layer with chocolate using gel-based blue coloring: In a small bowl reheat few oz of remaining white chocolate (or additional chips), when almost melted add a couple drops of gel-based blue coloring, stir (add more for a darker blue), dip just the ends (pre dipped) berries into melted blue chocolate (leaving white middle band visible).
  3. Now you have a red, white and blue effect!
  4. *Dip bottom edge in sprinkles (optional)
  5. Lay on wax paper to dry completely, then serve!
These berries are easy to make, but be sure to melt the white chocolate morsels carefully to avoid scorching & ultimately seizing the chocolate into an unusable grainy paste! It melts quickly, so I keep temperature on stove very low. As you're dipping, if chocolate begins to harden too much, simply reheat gently on stove or on half power in microwave for a few seconds. If you’re opting to dip the blue portion via the second method (by adding coloring into chocolate) DO NOT use regular food coloring, it will automatically seize the white chocolate as it heats. (You can buy a gel-based food coloring for candy/chocolate at most cooking stores—where you can find bakeware). If you only have regular food coloring, you can dip berries via the 1st method above—it looks very good both ways!

Hope you have a fun 4th of July with great company, delicious dishes, liberty libations &  festive fireworks to last the night long!

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