Wine of the Goddess

One goddess in particular, Eos, Goddess of the Dawn.  Now doesn’t her résumé sound impressive! Well, in ancient Greece maybe more so… We’re keeping in-line with our Greek Week of flavors, with a wonderful Chardonnay crafted by Eos Estate Winery. Located in the Paso Robles wine region in Nothern CA, Eos has been perfecting estate varietals and blends since 1985. With a scenic & expansive winery and visitor’s center, you can taste on site, or you can find the fruits-of-their skilled-labor at some CA wine retailers. 

As a fan of non-sweet, buttery Chardonnays with some spice and oak to them, I have found a keeper with the 2009 Eos Estate Chardonnay. It has been described by its makers as having a hint of lemon meringue & cantaloupe with marzipan and baking spices off the oak. I have to agree with that, dead-on, and it truly does finish with a refreshing acidity. I have also had the pleasure of trying their Estate Cabernet and it is fantastic too, spicy with hint of cherry. You can’t go wrong with either at your next dinner party! I am excited to as well try their other estate white and red blends, Zin, and petite Sirah.

I have long been searching for a reliable Chardonnay that is easy drinking and refreshing for a variety of meal choices. This one even pairs nicely with our Greek chicken pitas! And it is said in ancient Greek mythology our gal Eos even sported a saffron adorned robe; now isn’t that just coincidental?! You don’t have to be eating saffron and pitas to enjoy this libation however; as it even goes well with good ole’ fish tacos!

Though I personally have not seen Eos wines in most groceries, Bev Mo does carry this varietal currently. If you are looking for a new white, I highly recommend this wine & winery. Next time I’m in Paso, I will absolutely be making an overdue trip to the Eos Estate. Until then, the 5-Cent Sale it shall be…

Cheers to the week!


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