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You are what you cook with. So, I guess that makes me titanium ceramic! Well, unfortunately not literally, but the old adage really isn’t that far from truth. What you cook with, or on in this case, essentially affects what you eat; therefore, you! There are many high quality, non-stick cookware lines out there. Non-stick has become a kitchen staple, but we’re far from the days of Teflon thankfully. How old is that stick proof skillet you’ve been using? hmmm….

I asked myself that very question and stopped to inventory my scratched bunch of hand-me-down fry pans. I do have nice sets of stainless cookware & cast iron, but realized my small size skillet collection probably wouldn’t pass an audit. Being old doesn’t denote bad, but in the case of scratched non-sticks, that dark coating is now potentially leaching into my food. I’d say with an educated guess they were Teflon, so it’s out with the old and in with the new!

I’ve had a few brands in mind, and am loyal to the likes of Cuisinart and All-Clad, but I decided to entertain another top Danish made skillet, I have only heard marvelous things about. ScanPan is ranked up there with the best when it comes to non-stick cookware, but they aren’t inexpensive! Luckily I moseyed into Great News in Pacific Beach with an awesome coupon, and with some good timing because their ScanPans happened to be on sale. 

I have a 12 inch grill, non-stick Calphalon skillet I love. It is large, but I’ve been wanting to go bigger! So, the 14” ScanPan skillet caught my eye. Just think of how many balls of meat could be browned simultaneously in that thing?! (OK, maybe not everyone’s  first thought, but it was mine.) Well, everything needs its counterpart, so the smaller 9.5 inch fry pan came in second…and with a lid! Think it’s time for a serious sauté session…

So, what’s with all of the hype?

Though they’re not made with Kryptonite, ceramic titanium is a close second. Extremely durable and even safe to use with metal utensils (though you will mark the pan). The manufacturer of the superior quality cookware line is Pyrolux and they designed the ScanPan line as a better alternative to other non-sticks on the market. They offer very fast & exceptional heat distribution and retention. These skillets are guaranteed not to have ‘hot spots,’ warp , blister, peel, or interact with your food in any way. Though high-quality, they are dishwasher safe, PFOA free, and they come with a lifetime warranty. Yes, please. These pans are truly solid, with a pressure-cast aluminum body and thick-base for better performance. Even the patented handle assembly has no screws or rivets. Well, all I can say is if someone tries to break into my house, I’m reaching for the 14-incher before they can blink! I even had to hang mine, as I didn’t want to damage them by stacking & they’re kinda big!

Been using mine constantly since I bought them, and they truly do live up to the hype. These pans heat quickly; even though the 14” is large, it maintains even heat throughout. The small pan and lid are a must because you can steam, etc. I have no skillet buying regrets with these! Next time you are scrutinizing your old cookware, go check out the ScanPan line and consider an upgrade…your grilled cheese will thank you! See them all here:

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