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No take out Mex burritos here, well at least not last night… even though I was pretty hungry!

Long day, long workout and no time? No problem! A speedy dinner idea where roasted chipotle & raspberry made the foundation for a tangy chicken marinade. We tied it all together over some whole wheat cous cous. It was delectable and healthy.

This meal is so easy that we don’t even need a full recipe! I made-up a marinade with: chopped fresh garlic, black pepper, sea salt, dried thyme, 1 tbsp EVOO, 1 tbsp blackberry balsamic, and 1/4 cup of roasted raspberry chipotle sauce (in grocery isle next to the vinegars). I let the boneless, skinless chicken breasts marinade for about 25 minutes. Then I seared them in a hot skillet on stove & transferred to a 350 degree oven to finish cooking. (Putting them in the oven allows for juicier chicken, gives you time to do other things like make cous cous, and by baking them in a dish with remaining marinade, we get extra flavor.) 

 As for the cous cous, I made a whole wheat variety according to package directions, but substituted chicken broth for the required water. (that is how I make my rice too; it’s more flavorful). Cous cous is as easy as boiling the liquid, stirring in grains and waiting 5 minutes. A nice alternative to rice;…well, unless you have a gluten intolerance, then I’d skip this part! Easy and nutritous – 1 cup of cous cous gives us 6 grams of protein (12 % DV), 43 μg selenium (61% DV), and 91 mg potassium (39% DV). An edible win-win!

The thick chipotle marinade, made for a flavorful sweet & savory glaze on our chicken. I spooned some of the remaining a jus from the baking dish, over the cous cous. Then some fresh steamed broccoli for a quick side. I have to thank my pal Al for the chipotle inspiration; this sauce rocks, so I will incorporate it again into a marinade for chicken & pork tenderloin, or maybe even solo on a turkey & brie panini.

One easy, protein-packed, meal…served!

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