a Cuvée in every way

When you think of a special wine, what do you think of?

For me, there is something drawing about a Vinter’s Reserve, because the winemaker has given that specific bottle their stamp of special approval. Sometimes there seems no reason or story to parallel the title, at least that you’ll ever hear. In other less common cases, there is…

The heart of it really comes down to what is meant by calling a wine a cuvée. In many instances the winemaker is designating a certain batch as special or of higher quality (like a Reserve). Otherwise, it can be a term adorning labels to indicate a production of wine made from a specific blend of varietals. And in some rare cases, it’s both. That’s the circumstance with Kathy’s Cuvée, made with love & bottled right here in Carlsbad, CA by Witch Creek Winery.

Seems outlandish I have waited so long to write even a peep about the one Winery I belong to! I’ve been a cellar club member at local Witch Creek for about five years now & cannot imagine not being one! A small winery that sources outstanding grapes from several of CA’s top-producing wine regions, such as Paso Robles and Lodi. The grapes are amazing, but even more so is the operation behind it. Owned and founded by Mr. Dave Wodehouse and the wine is well-crafted by Winemaker, Ryan Baker. This is not forgetting all of the Witch Creek team members who run the tasting room not only like a successful winery, but more like a family. So Cal casual and in no way pretentious, but very serious about turning-out flawless reds. These range from a light Sangiovese-brunello clone to a down-right bitchin’ Zinzilla. You’ll have to stop by for a taste to see what I mean. Another post will soon follow with all things Witch Creek-wonderful, but for today it’s about the cuvée… 

I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Dave several times at Cellar Club BBQ’s, and on those occasions when Kathy’s Cuvée is featured, the gathering is even more of a celebration. This wine is indeed a cuvée in both respects, and the most special blend Witch Creek produces every year, in honor of Dave’s late wife Kathy. The winery and its vintages are a refelction of their life together Dave has mentioned. Sentimental tribute? You bet & I could see nothing more fitting. Dave reserves the very best for this particular blend, and once you’ve had the pleasure of trying, you’ll agree.

This cuvee is just about perfect every release, and I have laid down many years’ worth, while also giving as gifts to family and friends. It is a wine that is so pleasing; people ask why it is so good. I guess I could say it is simply due to the quality of the winery, but I also have to mention the story behind it. I did not know Kathy personally, but I feel as if I have gotten to know of her, simply from enjoying a wine in her honor…. and thankful to get that opportunity.

Kathy’s Cuvee 2006 is the latest one I’ve dusted off from my WC collection. It is aptly entitled as the Winemaker’s Reserve and composed as a true cuvée blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Cab Franc and a touch of Petite Verdot. All of these varietals are stars all their own at Witch Creek, but blend harmoniously in this bottle. 

It is smooth, but rich in the front and the aftertaste. I get a subtle berry and a long lasting flavor that makes another sip inevitable. This one wears aging well, but you’ll be nothing but pleased with the results right now with a little airing.  I say get over there post haste and try a sip! I guarantee you’ll enjoy it and the people who have worked so hard to produce it. You can visit the winery in Carlsbad; as well as, the tasting room up in Julian, CA. Visit them online for hours and info at www.witchcreekwinery.com

Cheers to good people, good wineries, the great wines & memories they make possible.

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