Stags Leap Day

Yep. It’s true. It’s Leap Day and we’re going to indulge like the random, casual, calendar-holiday-hoarding, celebratory Americans we are! And that means relaxing with a libation…. But this day isn’t a random holiday like National Mustard Day or Secretary’s Day, no. Rather a day for accounting to synchronize the seasonal & calendar years…. I’m not surprised the solar system needs help budgeting, even the State of CA can’t get its numbers in order…

This particular Leap Wednesday gives us one day more to loiter in 2012. How else better to honor the occasion, than with a phenomenal wine from Napa Valley — Stags Leap Chardonnay. Are you surprised by the selection? I’m guessing not, but we got a bottle and we’re loving everything about it.

I personally love a complex Chardonnay, full of oak, yet with a smooth finish. It can be cumbersome to find a good candidate outside my usual favorites. Though, when I tried Stags Leap Chardonnay 2010, the first word to roll off my tongue was, delicious! Literally. As it appears, I wasn’t too far off from the Stags Leap winemakers themselves, who describe their Chard as:

Spot on! This white is purely enjoyable from start to finish. It doesn’t boast an oak, but rather a mineralistic punch that is clean but catching. It’s not sweet, but not dry. This Chard is what I guess people who know wine would call, well-balanced. What do I call it? Just plain good.

Napa whites are some of the only I like, and it is no surprise Stags is a pioneer in the region. Their grapes have been growing since the 1890’s. Now that’s some serious viticulture. The wine maker, Mr. Christophe Paubert, refers to making his wine as a balancing act full of finesse and integrity, and I like the sound of that. This is a solid estate, product, and effort out of Napa’s best vineyards. See more on this amazing winery at,  I highly recommend Stags Leap, not only every four years, but rather on any day the desire for a delicious white strikes you. Cheers!

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