of the Saintly kind

Not all wines can be christened as heavenly, but the 2009 Chardonnay from Saint Francis Winery & Vineyard would probably beg to differ. Yet another splendid Sonoma selection. Saint Francis delivers a comprehensive list of well rounded wines and two expansive California estates. I recently turned to St. Francis Chardonnay in the hope of finding a smooth white, with a bold flavor and buttery finish; this Chard has lived-up to my expectations! An easy drinking Chardonnay that I think could be served with almost any dish or solo. This would be excellent with chicken piccata, which I wish I was eating at this very moment…

Intriguing also is their background. This winery boasts its official namesake after Saint Francis of Assisi, who is known as the protector of the natural world. Well, I should think that will come in handy with 600 acres of precious grape vineyards. The name was also chosen as an ode to none other than the Franciscan Order, who has been the given credit of bringing European grape cultivation to the New World. Well, I for one will raise my glass to that, cheers!  The soil in which their vineyards thrive is known as a ‘terrior tapestry’ offering varied microclimates, elevations & soil composition, which produces down-right, perfect grapes.

Last, but nowhere near least, are their green operation efforts (you probably guessed that was coming if I am writing about them) but it’s true, and they were awarded for their dedication. Many wineries implement water conservation & recycling, but additional to this, St. Francis is also dedicated to recycling in general & environmentally responsible packaging; their bottles are 100% recycled. They also care to protect the land for the next generations to follow, and so have planted 110 acres of trees, and outfitted their wineries with solar energy. I think Saint Francis would be quite proud!

You can view picturesque shots of their Sonoma estate on their website, www.stfranciswine.com. Also, you can see their full portfolio of wines; I for one am looking forward to trying their Malbec & Cab Franc next….

I hope you too are able to enjoy the weekend with a good glass!


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