meals in the running

Running and food writing, they don’t seem a likely pair, but for me they’re a perfect one. As a marathon runner I train daily and do many of my runs in the early morning. There is something so appealing when the neighborhood is just waking and the sun just rising. It’s a time where I can clear my thoughts, and surprisingly find much culinary inspiration with every street crossed. My neighborhood is filled with cooking stimuli, from the other early go-getters to the smells from local cafes & restaurants. These runs are my muse for life in general and also when struggling to find something interesting to make…

 As I begin down the street, I am greeted immediately with the rich smell of freshly ground beans from the coffee shop. I already feel more awake! As I turn the corner, almost always do I encounter the smell of burnt toast at the bagel place; I wonder if it’s the same flavor each time? Then onto the coast trail where I’m hit with the fresh mist of salty ocean air & an inspiring view. As I continue on, enter the morning walkers on their Iphones with large coffees, about as tall as I am- now that’s power walking! I make it through to the next neighborhood, and without fail there is the house always smelling of fried eggs & hickory bacon. Maybe that should be the dinner menu tonight? In front of the homes ahead of me are kids getting loaded-up to go to school, lunch boxes in tow. I’m suddenly reminded of sliced apples & string cheeses. Now out of the neighborhood and past the bakery smelling of sweet cinnamon, which is right next to the taco shop crisping-up batches of tortillas. I circle-back, passing a local restaurant that smells of smoked wood chips for the day’s rotisserie chickens. Chicken, I haven’t made that yet this week. The run eventually brings me back to where I started, and I’m ready for what the day has in store, and literally off to the store! I’m thankfully re-inspired to create something new tonight, but maybe a little breakfast first…


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