Going Green…

…this very morning, and though I’m not composting at the break of dawn, I am having my morning glass of green drink (as I like to refer to it). It’s a heathy powerhouse concoction of Amazing Grass, GREENSuperfood Blend and some other good-for-you ingredients. I started mixing-up a daily glass of green drink about 5 years ago and am hooked. I actually feel better after having it, and am pleased knowing I got some extra servings of veggies & fruits, without having to eat green peas on my breakfast cereal.

I like the berry version of the GREENSuperfood because it tastes better, and offers the gogi and acai superfruits. One little scoop has the following groups of organic ingredients: A Green Food Blend (with your wheat grass, Spinach, chollera, etc); an Antioxidant Blend (Acai, acerola cherry, green tea, etc); EFA Fiber Blend, and a Digestive Enzyme & Active Culture Blend (with Probiotics). Here’s the full list:

The taste initially took a little getting used to, but I mix mine with some cranberry and aloe juices; it’s pretty good! Sweet and not too grainy if you drink it right away. Best to mix with a little room temp water to get everything into solution, then add the juices. You could also mix into a smoothie. 

Well, if the blend wasn’t already super enough, I also add my 2 T of ground golden flax seeds and some liquid supplements. Now I add a joint blend with chondroitin, milk thistle, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and turmeric. These last add-ons are my own personal preferences and make this a little more potent, but I get it them all done with one shot! Kind of like the suicide drinks little kids make from every flavor at the soda fountain… don’t worry, this one tastes slightly better.

Can’t go wrong with a little extra healthy and I find it almost impossible to eat 7 servings of fruits & vegetables on a busy day. This is an easy fix, and these greens get your pH all in balance, not to mention the immune boost and fiber. I get my container at Sprouts Market, but have seen at other natural food stores. Once open, you’ll have to keep in the fridge and that’s about it. If you are looking for a great greens blend, I highly recommend this one.

Here’s to a good start to the long weekend!

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