the parfait pair

New Year, New Wine.

Enter Vin Parfait. Literally French for Perfect Wine, and so I decided to see if I agree. Vin Parfait is a newly launched, CA boutique winery offering both a red blend & a Chardonnay, and we tased both. Started with the white. I found it to be light, crisp, with some minerality. Surprisingly not sweet, even though this Chard is blended with 3% Riesling and 2% Muscat. I rarely find a Chardonnay blend that I enjoy, but this one was very refreshing and would go perfectly with some shrimp pasta! (and even the goldfish crackers I managed to be eating at the time…that’s a close second, right?) This blend was aged in French oak, but you you’ll only find a hint of oak flavor here.

Next the red (sans the goldfish crackers this round). This is a blend of 44% Cabernet, 26% Zinfandel, 13% Syrah, 11% Petite Sirah, and 6% Merlot. All CA sourced grapes, also aged in French oak. Now this is a smooth, easy-drinking red! This blend offers definite hints of blackberry, is not too tannic and has a subtle spice at the finish. I preferred the red over the white, and think it can be served with just about anything from pizza, child-sized snack crackers, to a grilled steak.

Perfection is subjective & so is tasting wine. Though I can say these wines priced each at $12.99 are perfect for the price!  Though newly launched, I look forward to the next Vin Parfait varietal release. I have a feeling only good things are to come from this winery….

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