the B.E.S.T dinner…

…well maybe not recipe-wise, but more literally the acronym for my impromptu dinner last night. I was short on time & hungry, but there was no need to fret, because I had bacon and bread on-hand. BLT’s have already made appearances on the dinnervine for obvious, delicious reasons, but how about trying the BEST one? How could it get better you might be thinking? It can, bacon with a fried egg!  I had a ripe tomato in-waiting, but since my lettuce stores were depleted, I substituted fresh spinach… and now we have it, the hunger-conquering:

 Bacon Egg Spinach Tomato sandwich.

This one follows my standard BLT assembly protocol, sourdough bread, little mayo, some fresh ground pepper. Though, this time I baked the bacon to avoid having to hover over a fry pan & clean my stove. Baking at 425 yielded perfectly crisped strips for the heart of my sandwich. I fried-up the egg in a non-stick pan at the end & violà, dinner accomplished.

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