Good Things are Growing…

…at Indigo Grill in the heart of Little Italy, and it’s not your average spaghetti & meatballs! Another bright member of the Cohn restaurant group, under the tutelage of Executive Chef Deborah Scott, Indigo Grill prides itself on cuisine with a modern fusion & flare. As a part of SD Restaurant Week, Chef Scott put together a desirable menu, showcasing some of the best Indigo has to offer. Restaurant week = A Full Restaurant! But we were warmly welcomed by Michelle, who happens to be the Operations Manager and she guided us to find a perfect table, near a heat lamp, hooray!

Our server Tessa helped us choose some ideal wine & food selections, and made sure we didn’t leave hungry! Nicole and I decided to partake in their featured menu of three courses. We were also eager to order the famous Pipian Crusted Brie for starters. This app is served-up with jalapeno jelly, honey-roasted garlic, grilled napoles, mole negro, cotija cheese & scallion flatbread. I do love a good brie, and this one is scrumptious! The nutty pipian-coated cheese, against the sweet-heat of the honey garlic & jalapeno jelly, was an awesome, edible dichotomy…

 …and then onto our first course… (well, not technically, but who’s counting?!)

 We tried the Vera Cruz Maize Tamale, with shrimp, garlic & butter… now that’s just smart! …and the Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, all jazzed-up with cilantro pesto & roasted corn. I could have a bowl right now in fact!


For our main courses, Nicole selected the Alderwood Planked Salmon, which was served along a squid ink pasta. I was curious! Really, perfectly cooked & that pasta had a rich, almost sweet flavor that was new to me. I really enjoyed this one.

 As you may have guessed, I opted for Good Things Growing. To be truthful, this dish and I were introduced several years ago on Chef Scott’s menu, at the formerly wonderful, Kemo Sabe. I remember it fondly! Having it again now was really like trying it for the first time… The plate arrives adorned with a cornucopia of delicious components. Where to start?!…There is a hot ramekin of Indian corn pudding that is smooth & savory, and right up my alley! This is neighbored to some caramelized plantains, honey-roasted garlic & cheese-stuffed green chili. Next to it resides an impressive display of a baked butternut squash, with a bourbon-pecan butter- brûléestyle topping. Also there is a mixed green salad with sliced pear, next to seasoned flat brad & fresh pico de gallo. Impressed yet? I am… and there’s still more! To conclude our night, we sampled one of the featured desserts, the Chocolate Pistachio Torte, accompanied by a vibrant homemade raspberry sorbet. I didn’t think I would be able to fit-in another bite, but it was too good not to try.

Restaurant Week may have drawn to a close & I might be full for a few days, but I will long remain gratified by the great service & well-prepared dishes at Indigo Grill. For certain, I’ll be recommending this spot to clients, friends & family. I will myself, be looking forward to other enticing meals off the menu. If you haven’t yet been, go. You’ll love the experience. Visit them at: 1536 India Street in Little Italy, San Diego. For more food info: Happy Eating!

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