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The farmer’s market yesterday morning was bustling with the humdrum of local vendors & curious wanderers. I was fortunate enough to make my way over to the stand of bountiful berries at Pudwill Farms. The color wheel of vibrant fruit was inviting & the blackberries sweet.

I eat berries daily, all-the-year-long, and am always looking for a local organic source. I was pleased to see Pudwill and learn they are a CA grower who goes to a great distance to bring fresh, harvested berries to La Jolla. They are home-based slightly North of Santa Barbara in Nipomo, and specialize in berries of many varieties. “The strawberries taste like strawberries, and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!!” Okay, maybe not that last one so much, but I was greeted with a bright array of blueberries, raspberries & blackberries. Not only a visual delight, but these antioxidant-packed picks are a sweet way to grab some serious vitamin power in a tiny package. We’re talking Vitamins K and C, fiber, and the antioxidant group of anthocyanins, which give the berries their deep, bluish color. Blueberries specifically have been shown in recent studies to improve cognitive function, and delay the onset of memory loss with aging. They are low in calories and have a low glycemic index. Even more, they retain the largest antioxidant capacity over all other fruits & vegetables- that’s one special little berry…

I like to eat them with Greek yogurt & flax, on cereal, or just by the handful! Not to mention how amazing these berries would be all baked-up in a cobbler. I think I know what I will be making later tonight…  Stop by Pudwill’s stand for a sample and to buy a sweet treat to take home! You’ll find them on Sunday mornings at the La Jolla Farmer’s Market from 9am – 1pm. You can see their other Northern CA  locations on their website as well, Cobbler recipe soon to follow, so stay tuned…! 

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