By the Sea Foam

Along my seaside run early this morning, the swell was quite impressive, as giant waves washed their sea foam all along the cliffs and tide pools. It was chilly, so upon return I decided it the perfect time for a hot cup of coffee, and to try my new mini milk frother. Sharon gave me this little, intriguing gadget for Christmas and said she swears by hers! I do not know much about frothers, but they’re designed for you to turn your milk or creamer into foam to top homemade coffee, hot chocolate, desert, or what have you. A little early still for a whipped dessert, so let’s try standard coffee..Pretty basic design. You can get them online or at stores that sell kitchen gadgets, like Bed Bath & Beyond. Standard-sized milk frothers can cost up to $30. Unless you will be doing some serious industrial-scale frothing, or have committed yourself to a 3x daily foam regimen, I say the mini is a good deal. This version costs less and is a good space saver.

Operates on batteries and requires all of pushing a single button, to turn off & on- no manual needed! I put my flavored creamer into a cup and warmed slightly, then frothed till I got some foam going, lastly added to my coffee. Took about a minute or so.

It was a nice touch, and though I can live without foam, now I don’t have to. Farewell Starbucks!

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