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Tonight’s Asian-inspired meal is my take on chicken lettuce wraps. This is easy and super flavorful. For the ingredients, I just used what I had on hand, and sometimes that makes for the best combinations! Here’s how the stir-fry went down:

Ingredients I used:

Filling:Chicken breast (cubed, boneless & skinless)

Cremini mushrooms (trimmed & chopped)

Water chestnuts (canned & sliced)

Green onion (chopped)

Garlic (4 cloves, chopped)

Sauce:Soy sauce (low sodium)

Brown mustard (spicy, prepared)

Chinese Stir-fry sauce (if ya have it!)

Asian chili garlic sauce (paste in Asian food isle)

Lemon (for zesting)

  • Take chicken breast out of fridge to come closer to room temp, rinse and chop (I used 1 very huge chicken breast). Add ground black pepper + paprika to season the raw chicken. (You don’t need salt because of the soy and stir-fry sauce to come)

  • Chop all veggies

  • Whisk sauce ingredients together (enough for one large chicken breast or two smaller). Approx 1/2 cup light soy, 1 T spicy brown mustard, 1 T Chinese Stir-Fry sauce, 2 T Chili-Garlic sauce, 1 T zest of lemon.

  • Add sauce to diced chicken and mix. Let marinade for about 10 minutes (room temp).

  • Pre-heat pan with about 2 T olive oil & add chopped garlic. Sauté garlic for a minute or so, and add marinated chicken, stir & cook for several minutes. (Chicken will cook fast because it is cut small).
  • Next add diced mushrooms & continue to stir for about 3 minutes. (I added about 3 T of white wine to deglaze my pan; also compliments the flavors well here)
  • Lastly, add the chopped green onions, chopped water chestnuts & stir. Reduce heat & let simmer for about 5 more minutes (no lid), stirring occasionally. (If there is excess fluid, increase heat slightly & stir frequently).
  • With a wooden spatula for stirring (or similar), chop cooked chicken into smaller pieces in pan.

  •  Then take washed/dried red leaf lettuce leaves, fill with chop chop mixture, and chow down! (If lettuce isn’t on your to-do list, this mix would also be excellent over rice, even solo!

I thoroughly enjoyed mine  & look forward to having this again soon!!

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