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…and not on the golf course. Colder temps require warming-up and hot tea is a great way to do that- from the inside, out. Recently, I’ve started to select loose-leaf teas, especially for use with my new tea infuser. There are endless combinations of varieties you can buy, and I love green caffeinated and some herbals. My local Pannikin Cafe has an abundant line-up of loose-leaf teas available for purchase. Today I decided to go bulk on their amazing lavender herbal tea, and try their green tea with coconut ginger, which was phenomenal!  Herbs address a multitude of health conditions, not to mention dress-up your average cup of water so, there is no excuse not to stave-off seasonal germs & warm-up your system.  Also a great find is the Tea Forte infuser system I purchased, Perfect for steeping loose-leaf teas, and they are microwave/dishwasher safe. These awesome, ceramic cups come with a metal diffuser basket and lid for brewing, which keeps the tea hot while you steep…and I could use one less trip to the microwave for a reheat.

If you can’t make it out to Pannikin for the tea, Tea Forte online also offers a nice catalog to order from. Loose-leaf allows you the ability to include any combination of tea & herbs within the basket at a time. I sometimes mix herbal teas with a plain green tea called green twisted-spears, which adds some flavor & much needed caffeine! I’ve even added straight mulling spices to some varieties for a spicy, seasonal flavor.  To each their own, and to each good health & happiness!

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