The Dreaming Tree

I am a steadfast devotee of California varietals, whether they be from the South, Central Coast, or North. I simply love a good CA wine.

I have my short list of favorites, but I relish in finding new, smaller, or noteworthy wineries to add into the mix. The wineries I lean towards usually have a warm history preceding them, which makes the wine feel personal and even more enjoyable.

And so I discovered The Dreaming Tree. I have to say it came highly recommended by my dear pal Al & she knows a good red. So, I had to try it, and glad I did.

What is so special about this CA red? As I see it, making wine is much like making food; it takes both precision & passion, and when it’s executed well, it’s an art. And art hits close-to-home for this winery. Co-produced by seasoned CA wine-maker Steve Reeder, and none other than Dave Matthews…the musician indeed. Steve Reeder’s résumé pretty much defines my wine palate. On that aforementioned list of my most favored, his creative hand was involved in making three of them.

Currently, he is VP of Winemaking at Simi Winery in Healdsburg, CA. If you haven’t tried their wines, do! I not only like both their whites & reds, but they produce a dry rosé that is really good! If that wasn’t enough, he formerly worked at Chateau Saint Jean of Sonoma, and they happen to make one of my favorite Chardonnays on the planet. I can’t imagine as an avid wine connoisseur, Dave Matthews would lend his time, efforts & name to anything mediocre, so I’m interested! They produce a Chardonnay, red blend entitled Crush (from his song perhaps?!) and a Cabernet. I decided we should go with the cab for starters…

At $13, I wasn’t sure what to expect & was better than I thought. Dry, yet enough fruit exists to finish smooth & linger-on. It left me wanting another sip, and as Dave Matthews has described his wine, it is meant to drink now, not meant to collect dust in your cellar, and I like that…and I don’t have a cellar!

What I like even more is the Dreaming Tree endeavor is focused closely on sustainability…I can’t keep stressing it enough folks!!! Each of us creates such a large footprint on the environment, and if it’s possible to enjoy our favorite wines and reduce our impact simultaneously, please sign me up. Dreaming Tree prides itself on bottling their wines in light-weight bottles (50% lighter than standard!) that are manufactured with clean-burning, natural gas. Their lovely, earth-toned labels are created on 100% recycled paper & inscribed by black ink printing = (no bleach, with reduced toxins and heavy metals). Last but not least, their corks are all sourced from sustainable farms. They have their bases covered. I say give them a try & you can also check their website for local retailers in your area (

I look forward to sharing a bottle with family over the holidays & may cue-up some Dave on my Itunes while I’m at it; Cheers to you!

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