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 Tis the season for us to gather with family & friends, put on our pea coats, and enjoy hot holiday libations in all of their merriment! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing exactly that at a local festival with friends. And the highlight of the holiday menu was a piping cup of Swedish glögg. Similar to a mulled wine, this hot beverage brings a bit of holiday cheer and warmer hands to all who imbibe it. Easy to make and can be too easy to drink! A perfect beverage recipe for holiday entertaining or giving as a gift in a decorative bottle. Or maybe even better, sipping after a long winter night out of a gnome mug, Now that is what I call festive… 

What wouldn’t compliment cozying-up this chilly SD winter better than a cup of glögg? Only thing I can think of is a cup of my Mom’s! I remember the spicy smell of cloves and cinnamon filling our house growing up, when Mom was preparing her famous Swedish glögg brew for holiday parties. This festive adult beverage comes in many versions, but I think her recipe using blackberry brandy is a classic to share and enjoy. It packs quite a punch, so I’d keep a close eye on Grandma this Christmas…

MV’s Famous Swedish Glögg (batch for large parties, 20-30 servings):

(For the Spice Mix)

6 Cardamom seeds (not pods)

8 Cinnamon Sticks

1 box raisins (15 oz)

2 sliced oranges

12 whole cloves

*Cheesecloth (for pouch)


1 gallon water

¾ cup sugar

½ gallon vodka (64 oz)

Pint blackberry brandy (16 oz)

Quart Burgundy wine (32 oz)


Wrap all spices, sliced oranges, and raisins into pouch with cheesecloth, tying the pouch at the top. Fill large pot with gallon of water, add spice pouch and sugar. Heat until a rolling boil begins, then reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove cheesecloth pouch, but first squeezing excess liquid from pouch back into pot. Remove the pot from heat and allow to cool slightly. Then add the liquors (vodka, brandy, Burgundy).  Return pot to heat and gently simmer until glögg is desired drinking temperature. Do not let the pot come to a boil! Serve hot in mugs. Store leftover glögg in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Also, you can reheat the spice pouch in a separate pot of water to fragrance your home for the holidays!


Time to cozy-in with a warm mug full and enjoy the seasonal spices, cheers to you and yours this season!

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