from the vine

. . . the tomato vine that is. Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato.

Is there a better sandwich? Only if you add some mayo and good sourdough bread. I enjoyed this one often as a kid and it became a favorite. Sometimes the thought of making dinner after work seems daunting, but a BLT I can muster anytime. I’ve tried it with a fried egg, which is delicious; grilled shrimp, if you want to get fancy; even pesto, why the heck not?!

Apparently, I am not the only BLT fan-at-large. And speaking of large, there is a contest every year in St. Louis, MO at the Iron Barley Annual Tomato Fest, to see who can build the longest… and we’re not talking your typical footlong here folks. The world record stands at 224 feet, 3 inches long  & 18 inches wide. Holy Smokes Batman, that’s a lot of bacon! So how much BLT is that really? The crazy tomato officials report the following:

600 pounds of bacon
440 pounds of bread
550 pounds of tomatoes
220 heads of lettuce
110 pounds of butter
60 gallons of mayo
1/4 tank propane for toasting
That’s a whopping …1,980 pounds in all.

Ummmm, all I know is that exceeds my daily limit for sodium and I certainly don’t have the counter space, but impressive nonetheless. Until I find myself in St. Louis, I’ll have to settle for my modest two-slicer and call it a night!

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