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Bright, colorful and delicious was my dinner tonight! Sadly, I’m not referring to Skittles here….  

After recent holiday-heavy foods, I find myself in need of a major immune-booster. The more colorful the better they say, so I turned to fresh butternut squash, baby sugar beets, and last but certainly not least– fresh spinach. This Holy Trinity is bound to get you up & running! I could go on about their health properties for days, but they each have a respective amount of phytonutrients, carotenoids, fiber, flavonoids, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Spinach is the Head-Honcho providing over 1000% DV of Vitamin K, 370% Vitamin A, 80% Manganese, and 65% Folate, all within 1 cooked cup. That’s a pretty impressive résumé if you ask me….. So why these three? Despite their outstanding benefits, I am a huge fan of their flavors and try to incorporate into my menu a couple of times per week.

Tonight I kept it short-&-sweet, but full of flavor. Try this winter as healthy sides for a good kick in the rear!

Spinach: I quickly flash-steamed (this helps eliminate the high amounts of oxalic acid and reduce any bitter taste) By cooking the spinach lightly you also increase your serving quantity by 6 times! I then drained any liquid, added some S&P, and drizzled with bit of balsamic for fun.

Beets: Baby sugar beets that is. This variety is much easier to buy pre-steamed & vacuum-sealed in the refrigerated section of produce isle. Cooking your own can be a pain and if you’ve ever done that wearing a white shirt, it’s regrettable…. I like to have mine either cold with sea salt & little balsamic, or heat with little butter. They are sweet and won’t disappoint! 

Butternut Squash: I tossed fresh, cubed & peeled squash with little EVOO, dried sage, thyme, S&P. Then I roasted in the oven at 400 for close to 30 minutes. Can’t go wrong- satisfying and filling. 

Who says vegetables can’t be sweet? They indeed can with fresh farmer’s market candy beet beauties, like these! 

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